Global Business Management Consultants

Global Business Management Consultants (GBMC) is a limited liability company based in London, UK. It was formed on 1 July 2014. The company has 2 directors and has been in business for 8 years. Global Business Management Consultants LLP is a member of the ICG Group. It provides a range of business management consulting services.

The market for business management consulting services is dominated by the North America region, followed by Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific. Middle East and Africa are expected to follow, with each region accounting for a significant portion of the global market. However, North America continues to hold the largest share of the market, due to the presence of industry players. In addition, due to volatile markets and ongoing regulatory reforms, businesses in the North American region are increasingly looking for help with their financial operations.

Global management consultants assist corporations in making strategic and operational changes. They are often tasked with conducting corporate observations across different countries, and identifying the most effective strategies to improve productivity and profits. Their findings are presented to company executives through presentations. The consultants are usually required to travel internationally and are able to speak several languages. Many consultants also travel with interpreters, so they can communicate effectively with different cultures.

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